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HDSD Hi-Def Spirit Sticker Decals: Choose Any Design!

HDSD Hi-Def Spirit Sticker Decals: Choose Any Design!

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  • Unlimited colors
  • Hi-Def designs
  • Cut to shape, just peel and stick!
  • Comes in pack of two

Product ships separate from the rest of your order in 7-10 business days

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The year was 1897. It was then, that a jewelry repairman by the name of Otto Josten, started helping high school students preserve the memory of their most important moments. And thus began, the inception of a cultural icon.

Since then, generation after generation has celebrated life's milestone moments with Jostens. From a preschooler's graduation cap, to a high school student's class ring and yearbook, to a pro athlete's championship ring, the stories behind these milestones have come to define us all.

Above and beyond our breadth of customized and personalized products, Jostens also has a longstanding commitment to improving the overall culture and climate of the schools we serve. For over 25 years Renaissance Education has helped school administrators, faculty, and students build positive climate and culture through programs like Commitment to Graduate, The Harbor video series, and our Jostens National Renaissance Conference – the nation’s largest convening of school and student leaders to share best practices and celebrate the impact of positive school climate and culture.

With roots firmly planted in tradition, and branches sprouting innovation, Jostens is proud to be your most trusted partner in celebrating moments that matter.